Fall 2019 Theater Company Parent Agreement

Auditions: The dates are listed on the calendars.  The auditions times listed are the only auditions being held.  If you cannot make auditions, students will be in the show as a member of the ensemble. 

Withdraw:  There are times when students need to withdraw for different reasons and we are fine with that.  Students have until SEPTEMBER 30 to submit withdraw form and possibly receive a partial  refund.  After that date, no refunds will be issued for the remaining semester and the student is committed through December.  To withdraw, a “Withdraw Form” must be filled out and turned into the school.  The date this is turned in to the school determines the amount of refund.  We DO NOT accept withdraws by word of mouth, email or over the phone.

Absences:  STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED 2 ABSENCES FROM WEEKLY CLASSES DURING THE SEMESTER.   After 2 absences, the student will still participate in the show, but their part will be eligible for review and can be given to another cast member who has attended MTC regularly.  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED ANY ABSENCES FROM WEEK OF SHOW.  Students will sit out of the school show on  Friday morning if they miss any practices during week of show.  The calendar will have all the week of show practices, call times and performances listed for you at the start of class to mark on your calendars.  These times are not changing.  If students become involved in other activities this semester at school, you need to check the schedules for those activities.   

If a student is injured and needs to just watch practice, we must receive a doctor’s note or speak directly to the parent/guardian otherwise student will be counted absent.

If students do not abide by the MTC Attire, they will sit out until they are properly dressed.  If students miss more than 15 minutes of practice they are counted absent. MTC attire is black shorts or pants (please no sophie shorts or volleyball shorts) and a MTC tshirt provided by Masterworks. New students will get their shirts after classes have started so students need to wear a tshirt of their choice until the MTC shirts arrive. Students need to have tennis shoes or dance shoes on during class.

Students are allowed to either be 15 minutes late to class or leave 15 minutes early without be counted absent.  If they miss more than 15 minutes they are counted absent.  If you are stuck in traffic one week and know you are going to be late, please call the school office and have them notify the directors for you. 

MEMORIZATION: There are memorization deadlines throughout the semester.  If a student doesn’t have their materials memorized, their part will be up for review.  If students in the ensemble don’t know the songs within the memorization deadline, they will be asked to sit out of the musical numbers and scenes . 

There are absolutely NO CELL PHONES allowed in the MTC practice rooms.  Directors will pick up all cell phones if they are used.  If you need to contact your child during class, we ask you call the front desk and have them get your child for you. EMAIL: It’s our main source of communication.  We MUST have a valid address on file for each parent.  If you did not get this packet through email we don’t have the correct one on file, please visit the Theater Company Corner and fill in the information to add your email to the list.

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