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~Fall 2019 Music Classes~

Below are a list of our Music Group Classes for the Fall 2019 Season that runs September 9-December 20th. If you are registering online the system will require the semester payment in full plus your $30/student Registration Fee. If you wish to set up a monthly payment please feel free to stop by either Masterworks location to get registered. Please let us know if we can answer any questions for you!


Learn Piano (Ages 7-12)

In this fun and energetic class, students with no previous piano experience will discover how to play with ease and confidence.  Students begin with basic eye-ear-hand coordination composition and progress to note reading on the grand staff.

Davidson: Wed. 4:30-5:15pm, $70/month

Mooresville: Mon. 5:45-6:30pm, $70/month

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Learn Voice (Ages 7-12)

This course teaches vocal basics in a fun group session.  Students learn proper warm up and breathing exercises and introduction to harmony. The class works on a wide range of musical styles from Broadway to popular Disney Classics. 

Davidson: Wed. 5:45-6:30pm, $70/month

Mooresville: Fri. 5:00-5:45pm, $70/month

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Mini Masters (Ages 3-6)

Mini-Masters is designed to give students an introduction to music in piano, violin and rhythm by developing basic music skills that include rhythmic coordination, pitch matching, aural retention and rhythmic coordination.  Family and friends will be invited to end of semester show.

Mooresville: Wed. 3:45-4:30pm, $65/month

Davidson: Mon. 1:30-2:15pm, $40/month

Davidson: Wednesday 4:30-5:15

Mooresville: Monday 3:30-4:15

Spring Semester: 5 payments of $65/month (Jan-May)

*Online payments include $30 Registration Fees.  If you are a current student, your Fee will be refunded when we process your registration.

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Learn Guitar (Ages 7-12)

This course includes: tuning the guitar, introduction to note reading, introduction to chord charts and tablature.  Each student learns compositions suitable for performance throughout the semester.

Mooresville: Wed. 4:30-5:15pm, $70/month

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Private lessons are offered in all popular instruments and voice. Students may start Private Lessons as young as four years old on certain instruments and can start anytime of the year or month so there is no need to wait to get started. Private lesson students also enjoy the benefits of FREE programs like our Masterclasses and end of year Perform-a-thons. Fill in the info below to find times that work best for your schedule.

Cost of Private Lessons (Through July 31, 2019)

15 minute lesson: 56/month

30 minute lesson: 112/month

45 minute lesson: 168/month

60minute lesson: 224/month

Cost of Private Lessons (Beginning August 1, 2019)

15 minute lesson: 57.50/month

30 minute lesson: 115/month

45 minute lesson: 172.50/month

60 minute lesson: 230/month

Cost of Private Lessons with Owner, Dave Uibel

15 minute lesson: 62.50/month

30 minute lesson: 125/month

45 minute lesson: 187.50/month

60 minute lessons: 250/month

Don’t see what you are looking for? Is the class you want full? Be added to the waiting list or request a class here!